The Hands and Feet Mission Team is preparing for its 8th annual medical mission trip to Central America.  This year’s trip to Costa Rica includes physicians, nurses, premed students and other youth who will make their way once again to serve a variety of underprivileged in various regions of Costa Rica.  We anticipate serving nearly 2500 patients in 6 different locations this year.  Each of the participants on this trip will be paying their own way.  We rely entirely on the generosity of organizations such as yours to help with the supplies that we bring along with us.
From the Pacific to the Atlantic, this group will make their way in a bus with makeshift tents for the medical team and a large blow-up bouncy for the kid’s camp.  There is also a construction team who will paint and do minor repairs in the areas where the team will be setting up the medical mission.

Hands and Feet Medical Mission

We will be treating members of the BriBri Indian tribe in Talamanca as well as a host of refugees from Nicarague.   Our host,  Group Conexion, will be working in concert with our group, Hands in Feet, for what is a Christian based mission to serve those in need.
Many of those that will be treated have little or no access to medical care.  Many of the youth participants will be trained to help assist in triage where the vitals are taken as well as assist the physicians.  All of those participating in this trip will be contributing much in the way of time, talent and supplies.


This medical  mission trip will not be a success because of the 67 members that have agreed to participate.  It will be a success because those 67 members are reaching out to friends, family and businesses to help those in need.  Please consider helping the “Hands and Feet” mission to Costa Rica.  As always, this group goes prepared to sever and to be His hands and feet.  It is what we are called to do in this world and we can’t do it without YOU!
Dios le Bendiga- God Bless,+
Colleen Salvino
Director, Hands and Feet Mission

Christ Has No Body. Christ has no body but yours, No hands, no feet on earth but yours-Teresa of Avila